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Let´s make charity COOL & VIRAL

Let’s put a dent in our society, our behavior, our minds.

We have an important insight.



An average person spends 4 hours a day on their phone.

Most of the content shared nowadays in social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat is about irrelevant, trivial and many times superficial things that we are doing every day. We might believe that’s “cool” to share, as when we travel abroad to a nice place, go to a friend’s party, go for a walk with our dog, eat something tasty or even just random stuff.

It is already proven by neuroscience that frequent consumption of this type of content might even affect viewers and make them unhappy about their lives because “everyone seems to be having a good time” while they are working, studying or maybe just lying in their beds, for example.

It’s also proven that we are influenced by this kind of media (hence the “Influencers” trend on social networks), so if we see some friends going out, we might eventually want to do the same, or if many friends are posting about food, we might also get hungry. Whatever your influence circle shares or posts, you will be indeed influenced.

So where’s charity, helping others, good deeds and green footprint in this social media world? Most content about these important matters is shared almost exclusively by the few non-profits out there that are trying to do the best with the (usually) few resources that they get mostly from donations. But it becomes really difficult to gain traction and become massive.

Let’s face it: In most cases, showing and sharing how you help is (for some strange and incredible reason) NOT cool. You might be quickly judged as snob, or being too proud, like you’re trying to show off.

This doesn’t make any sense at all! How could helping and inspiring your friends to help, be perceived as something not “share-worthy”? We believe these should be the best and coolest things to share, to influence your circle and promote doing good deeds :)

It’s also proven that on those few occasions when people start sharing how they’re helping, for example, when there’s a natural disaster, everybody gets influenced and inspired to help, so they start doing it also, even if they weren’t planning on doing so before, because a momentum is built and that “showing off” judgment is paused for a moment. But as soon as the momentum (like an earthquake aftermath) is gone or significantly reduced, people stop sharing what they’re doing to help others. 

So our proposal, our dream, our dent is to start showing the help, posting it, sharing it and to change this pattern in our society. Let’s make charity cool and viral. Let’s use our social media in a better way, a way that inspires people to do good, to leave a green footprint, to support a cause, to do random acts of kindness. Let’s consume more kindness and less egos. 


We can do it together!

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