42120 trees planted!

Forestation Revolution


Revolution of Helping: these 3 minutes could change your life forever


We dream of a world that uses its social media to share how it’s helping others and influences communities to do good instead of sharing trivial stuff.

You can influence your followers today showing and sharing on your social media how you’re helping; it’s not “showing off”, it’s inspiring people to help more. 

Let´s give to Nature a little back of how much it’s given to us. 

So #ShowYourHelp and let’s make a dent in this Universe together.


Awareness Revolution: how we plan to transform online marketing to build global awareness

We are planning and already investing 99% of our marketing budget (which we hope it will be many millions of dollars) to build global consciousness and awareness on forestation. Less than 1% of our expenditure actually sells a product.

Our hack is that we market tree planting and consciousness, so more than 99% of our online marketing is only for our cause. 

Can you imagine a world where many of the “ads” you consume are just to educate and inspire on a cause? 

Help us influence the world massively on forestation.  


Changing Consumerism from within: how we plan to use our consumer based society to make tree planting massive

The only way we can stand a chance on leaving a mark in nature with our trees and competing with big industries like the palm oil who have huge resources is by creating and developing a massive INDUSTRY around tree planting.

We want to create a very scalable social business in order to gain massive reach around the world, and be able to sustain it for decades.

We want to employ many people along the way, hire tree contractors, give tree planting NGO’s massive resources to scale their operations, attract investors, work with Governments and boost local economies. We want to make this impact real and meaningful.

Let’s hack this consumerist world from within.


Why us? Our tree planting vision

We have the goal of planting 1 Billion trees in the most needed areas of the world and building global consciousness and awareness on forestation.

After selling more than 3 million transactions in our last company, we know how to MAKE things HAPPEN. We are experts on execution and we won’t stop until we make a dent in this Universe. 

Join our Movement. The best time to start planting was 20 years ago, the second best time is today.


This is how deforestation looks like live

Every day hundreds of thousands of hectares are deforested by several industries without paying the associated environmental cost. 

We need to work together in order to start balancing this before it’s too late.


We are here for the long run

If we get together globally and start planting while generating global consciousness and awareness on forestation, we can start to change the severe trends we are facing at.

We are committed to plant 1 Billion trees and we won´t stop until we reach to this first milestone: this is just the start of this movement, let´s impact decades together! 


Climate change is getting worse every day

Palm oil plantations in one of the world's lungs in Indonesia are affecting drastically with very harsh climate conditions. Global warming is becoming more alarming every day and we need to start acting to reverse it.

There’s no more time to think, let’s start doing today. 


We are boosting local economies around tree planting

By generating resources around tree planting, we are helping local organizations create job opportunities and develop the local ecosystem in a sustainable way.

You can be part of this economy shift and impact the villages around the deforested areas, with only 3 clicks. 


Let’s develop a Tree Planting Industry to scale local organizations 

Local organizations are doing a great job but compete with huge industries like the palm oil which have more than 10 times their budget, so they need to scale their operations sustainably. 

Let’s start planting together now.